The present terms of which the first letter appears in capital form, will, for interpretation purposes of the terms and conditions of services of which there will be no distinction between singular or plural have the following signification :
Recipients(s) third parties: all person(s) moral or physical appointed on behalf of Butler Home Services may as intermediary produce sales of a product or of a service.
Host(s) or proprietors(s): Persons proposing to holidaymakers a seasonal rental, the rental is necessarily furnished and for a variable period, per night, per week or by
month and who decides to engage Butler Home Services for the use of its services thereafter called client(s). Holidaymaker(s)/Travelers(s) designates individuals staying in the property offered as
a seasonal rental by the host and benefits of the services catered for by Butler Home Services being an a la carte service. Thereafter, also called the client(s).
Order(s): designates all orders from the client for the services proposed by Butler Home Services and accepted by the latter under the present terms and conditions..


The present terms and conditions of sales and service (Hereafter called ‘Terms and Conditions’) shall apply without restriction or reservation to all services proposed by Butler Home Services (Hereafter ‘SAS Butler Home Services’) on its internet site www.butlerhomeservices.com as it is known.
General caretaking services for individuals in France, either directly or by intervention requires no particular qualification other than the intermediary of professionals.
In this case, the company Butler Home Services intervenes simply as intermediary between client and third parties. In accordance with the regulations in force Butler Home Services reserves the right to derogate certain clauses of the present terms and conditions, in accordance with the negotiations conducted with the client, by establishing particular conditions.
These terms and conditions are applied with the exclusion of all other conditions, notably those applicable for other forms of marketing of the services.
These terms and conditions are accessible at all times on the internet site and will prevail, where applicable on all versions or contradictory documentation. :

Butler Home Services
339 Avenue des Phares
Rsd Le Prince de Galles 111 - 62520 LE TOUQUET PARIS–PLAGE - FRANCE
Téléphone : + 33 677 412 421 (Anne ZIELINSKI)
Adresse mail : bhstouquet@gmail.com
SIRET: SIRET : SIRET 838 588 614 00019

The modification of these terms and conditions can be opposed by the users of the internet site at the time of being online and cannot be applied to any previous transactions.
The validation of the order for services by the client indicates the acceptance without reserve of the terms and conditions.


The company Butler Home Services offers individuals access to one off services a la carte which will be subject to a quotation.

The one-off services a la carte ordered by a client must be paid in full upon completion by cheque, bank transfer or cash.

Arrival: corresponds to a variety of actions involved in the greeting and preparation of the holidaymakers stay.
Departure: corresponds to a variety of actions involved in the holidaymakers’ departure.
Housekeeping: corresponds to a variety of actions within the maintenance of the property rented by the host.
Laundry service: corresponds to a variety of actions within laundry such as the cleaning, drying, folding and storing the linen.
The services to the holidaymakers are accessible and can be consulted on the website www.butlerhomeservices.com .
These services are continually evolving and are all subject to a quotation.


All requests for information and/or orders for the products or services offered by Butler Home Services can be requested by the client in the following ways:
- via internet on the website: www.butlerhomeservices.com
- via email: bhstouquet@gmail.com
- Via telephone: +33 677 412 421

Prior to all orders, the client must inform Butler Home Services of the personal and/or professional contact details allowing Butler Home Services to make contact
within the shortest time delay.
All or any changes in the contact details must be communicated as soon as possible by the client to Butler Home Services.
Within the treatment of orders transmitted by the client, it is reminded that Butler
Home Services acts only as intermediary between client and the third party.

4.2.1 The product and/or service orders will only be considered definitive only after the establishment of a quotation by Butler Home Services and confirmation to the client of the order being accepted by electronic mail. The signing of the quotation by the client bearing the words <bon pour accord> (good for acceptance) will irrevocably secure the order.
The order must then be confirmed by the client by mail or electronic mail and after payment for this being either the full price of the product or service ordered, or the deposit amount defined by Butler Home Services within the quotation.
Any eventual modification of the order by the client will only be taken into account by Butler Home Services within its possibilities and availability by the third parties, and on condition of Butler Home Services being notified by the client at least seven (7) working days prior to the product and/or service being supplied. This not being the
case any modification will be subject to a new quotation and price adjustment.
In the case of unavailability of a product or service Butler Home Services accepts to make all efforts to supply a product or service of suitable replacement.
The solution to any replacement proposed by Butler Home Services will be implemented as soon as written acceptance is received from the client. In the hypothesis where no solution of replacement can be found or accepted by the client within a period of seven (7) working days Butler Home Services will simply cancel the existing order No indemnity of any kind will be accepted or can be asked for of Butler Home Services by the client.
In the case of an order being cancelled by the client after its acceptance by Butler Home Services by the conditions herewith defined, for whatever reason with exception of force majeure, the amount paid on order (full or part payment) following the modalities of Article 4-ORDERS and Article 6-CONDITIONS OF PAYMENT will not be reimbursed and will remain as payment to Butler Home Services.

In any case Butler Home Services reserves the right to not accept an order which it estimates to be against public order or morally unacceptable.
4.2.2 All subscriptions to private caretaking services supplied by Butler Home Services are strictly personal and the subscriptions of an individual nature can never
be used to professional ends.
The benefit of an order passed onto Butler Home Services is reserved solely for the client and cannot be transferred to a third party without the prior agreement of Butler Home Services and dependent on the case the recipient third party.
4.2.3 The recipient and the client will at all times act independently from each other, without the service contract between the two parties being broken to create a subsidiary or joint venture or any subordinate link of representation, mandate or commercial agency.


Butler Home Services reserves the right to seek a deposit from the client the sum of which will be defined by Butler Home Services and clearly indicated on any quotation sent to the client. In the case of any deposit being paid the quoted order will only be accepted if the payment is that which was agreed between Butler Home Services and the client.
An invoice will be issued by Butler Home Services and passed to the client when supplying the services.
The products and/or services proposed by Butler Home Services will be supplied at the tariffs which were current on the day of confirmation of the acceptance of the order and that which was communicated to the client prior to the receipt of the order.
The price indicated in the order confirmation by Butler Home Services is the definitive price.
All prices are shown in Euros, without taxes and with taxes.
The orders for products and/or services which are specific to a client whereby current tariffs cannot be applied will be subject to a prior quotation accepted by this party.
The quotation established by Butler Home Services are valid for a period of three (3) months from the date of issue.


The products and/or services are invoiced on the precise basis indicated on the quotation and/or order, in euros including all taxes as on the order conformation from Butler Home Services.
The client will pay immediately to Butler Home Services on the day of delivery, according to the usual payment conditions practiced by the latter. Therefore: cheque, cash or bank transfer.

In the hypothesis that certain orders would generate supplementary costs for Butler Home Services the aforesaid costs would be the object of a separate invoice extra to
the initial invoice.
For the execution of its mission Butler Home Services shall communicate the clients name to the third party service providers.
All late payment renders the payment due by right without formality or prior notice of late payment penalty. An interest charge of three times the legal interest rate will be charged on the balance of payment due by the client, charged from the day following the due payment date shown on the invoice and will make all outstanding payments due immediately by the client, without prejudice of any or all action taken by Butler Home Services within its right to recover payment at the clients cost.
In addition, Butler Home Services reserves the right in the case of non-respect to the conditions of payment afore mentioned to suspend or cancel the supply of services ordered by the client and /or to suspend the execution of its obligations.


Butler Home Services commits to make its best efforts to supply the services requested by the client within the timescale mentioned in the quotation and/or the order confirmation. However, the timescales are communicated indicatively, and any eventual delay will not entitle the client to any damages and interest deducted or cancelation of the order by the client.

The products and/or services will be supplied to the client’s home address, or otherwise another to another address designated by the client, subject to prior notice between Butler Home Services and the client at the cost of the latter.
Also, in the case of a particular demand from the client concerning the supply of products and/or services, duly accepted in writing by Butler Home Services any inherent costs shall be included in the final invoice.
The client recognizes and accepts that Butler Home Services executes all orders within the terms defined and accepted by the client at the time of passing the order to Butler Home Services. Butler Home Services therefore cannot be held responsible for any errors that in any way or reason originate from the client.
Any lack of reserves or complaint received from the client at reception of the product and/or services will be deemed to comply with the order both in quantity and quality.
Butler Home Services cannot be held responsible for the choice of third party suppliers nor can they be held responsible for the poor execution of an order serviced
by a third-party supplier, who will be themselves responsible for product and/or services which they propose.
In the case of a complaint, the client shall have to address directly the third-party supplier concerned.


Conforming to the provision of the article L.121-20 of the code of consumption, the client disposes of a period of seven (7) days from the date of acceptance of the order
for products and/or services to cancel the order, with Butler Home Services within the conditions of the regulation in force, unless the execution of the services has started, with the agreement of the client before the final date of retraction.
The reimbursement of the sums already paid by the client will be reimbursed within thirty (30) days from receipt of the notice of retraction by the client and reimbursed by Butler Home Services.


The client expressly recognizes that Butler Home Services intervenes as a simple intermediary and Butler Home Services only holds an obligation of means.
It is reminded that third part suppliers are solely responsible for the products and/or services which they propose by the intermediary of Butler Home Services to the client who must address the third-party supplier concerned.
Whatever the case Butler Home Services can never be held responsible for the non-performance of its obligations in the event of a force majeure defined by French jurisprudence.


In application of the law 78-17 of the 6 th January 1978, it is reminded that the nominative data which is requested from the client is necessary for the treatment of the order and notably for establishing an invoice.
The client has, conforming to the national and European regulations in force, a right of permanent access, of modification, the rectification and opposition in respect of information which is of concern.


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Of express agreement between the parties, the present contract is regulated an submitted under French law.
It has been drafted un the French Language. In the case where it is translated into other languages, only the French text shall be valid in the case of litigation.


All litigation to which the present terms and conditions could give rise, concerning its validity, its interpretation and its execution are subject to the competent tribunals under the conditions of common rights. At default of an amicable resolution, the litigation shall be brought before a competent tribunal.


The client recognizes having had communication, prior to a conclusion of contract, in a clear and comprehensible manner. These present terms and conditions and all information can be referred to the article L121-19 of the law of consumption.